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Querona is specialized in logical data warehousing, data virtualization, and analytics. We introduce a groundbreaking view on Business Intelligence (BI) and provide tools to make companies successful in a fast-paced environment. Our commitment to innovation resulted in the development of software platform QueronaTM that makes BI & Big Data analytics work easier and faster.

Meet the executive team

Piotr Czarnas

Software architect and a leader. Passionate software developer mostly interested in databases, algorithmics and Big Data.

Marek Byszewski

A serial entrepreneur, corporate veteran, a distinguished specialist in Microsoft technologies, especially .Net, databases and ALM.

Robert Gradowski

Branch office manager who makes everything work and be present on time. Privately the only team member who can dance.

Irek Kalicy

Team leader and a data warehousing specialist, always concentrated to keep projects running.

Our skills

1 M automated tests run daily
10560 days of coding and testing
30 experts involved in the development
626300 lines of code
2 clustered coffee machines
1 presentation in front of Microsoft CEO

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Querona Ltd.

The Black Church, St, Mary’s Place Dublin D07 P4AX Ireland

CEE Office

Kwitnącego Sadu 8 02-202 Warszawa Poland

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